I sent Molly a picture of our precious family member, Tucker, and she made every effort to include all his special markings and unique details that we love so much. I've taken stained glass classes so appreciate the expertise in the finished product. This isn't a hobby

for Molly. She's a truly talented professional who

loves her craft and I'm happy to have a piece of

her art in my home.

~Cyndi MacKenzie

Molly has an incredibly unique way of making images come to life with her stained glass. She created a piece for me of my dog that is almost eerie in its likeness. Molly is able to translate images and ideas into glass in a

way I have not ever seen before. Great communication, quick turnaround, incredible work and the eye of

a true artist.

~Emily Sepik

Molly created 2 stained glass fish for me that have become the centerpiece of my garden. They seen to come to life when the wind blows and glisten in the sun. The craftsmanship and artistry set them apart from all others I've seen! ~Cindy Kidd